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Annecy International Animation Festival

  1. Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent

  2. Tehran Taboo

    Tehran Taboo

  3. Negative Space

    Negative Space

  4. The Burden

    The Burden

  5. Grandpa Walrus

    Grandpa Walrus

  6. Wicked Girl

    Wicked Girl

  7. Lu Over the Wall

    Lu Over the Wall

  8. Double King

    Double King

  9. Hedgehog's Home

    Hedgehog's Home

  10. Oh, Mother!

    Oh, Mother!

  11. Mutafukaz


  12. The Ogre

    The Ogre

  13. Contact


  14. Manivald


  15. The Full Story

    The Full Story

  16. The Tesla World Light

    The Tesla World Light

  17. Hot Dog Hands

    Hot Dog Hands

  18. In a Nutshell

    In a Nutshell

  19. Incarnation


  20. The Psychedelic Rope

    The Psychedelic Rope

  21. Valley of White Birds

    Valley of White Birds

  22. Tiny Big

    Tiny Big

  23. Strange Fish

    Strange Fish

  24. Geno


  25. Border


  26. I'll Just Live in Bando

    I'll Just Live in Bando

  27. The Man-Woman Case

    The Man-Woman Case

  28. Fruits of Clouds

    Fruits of Clouds

  29. My Mum's Bonkers

    My Mum's Bonkers

  30. Nueva Vida

    Nueva Vida

  31. The Poet of Horrible Things

    The Poet of Horrible Things

  32. Ana and Bruno

    Ana and Bruno

  33. Pequeños héroes

    Pequeños héroes

  34. Kl


  35. Overlook


  36. The Fish Curry

    The Fish Curry

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